LH2 Europe projects will supply Liquid Hydrogen to North West Europe

Liquid Hydrogen is the lowest cost and environmentally the safest option to transport hydrogen

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Alternative long distance bulk transport options, Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) and ammonia are toxic and can cause damage to the environment

Liquid Hydrogen is the ultimate safe zero-carbon, zero-emissions green fuel

LH2 Europe Liquid Hydrogen supply chain

Production planned

Initial phase 1; project 100 t/d hydrogen supply from Scotland to Germany. Future phases to scale up in Scotland and Germany and expand to supply from Spain/Portugal as the market in NW Europe develops.


Phase 1, up to 300 MW renewable electricity required sourced from solar/wind power via a long term power purchase agreement (PPA).

Delivered by marine tanker

Liquid hydrogen delivered by purpose designed and built hydrogen fuel cell powered tanker to Germany, possibly via Rotterdam (import terminal).

Industrially Proven

Industrially proven off-the-shelf large-scale industrial alkaline electrolysis and liquefaction units. Zero loss liquid hydrogen tank technology proven by NASA.

Supply chain

Liquid hydrogen export “whole supply chain” has significant cost, safety, environmental and operational advantages over alternative green ammonia and liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) supply chains.


Scalable to 300 t/d using additional electrolyser and liquefaction units and the same tanker and terminals.